Principles and value


Transparency: Make all information and personal behavior public knowledge. Foster an environment of trust and security.
Perseverance: This means constantly striving towards a goal when someone sets goal for you.

Cooperation: This means harmoniously working together as a group in order to reach a shared goal.

Effectiveness: Measuring impact management.

Participation: Means action when we know we are key pieces in a set. It is contributing what we can when needed to reach a group goal.


Responsibility: Handing in your work effectively and on time for public benefit, as well as freely accepting and assuming the consequences of our actions and omissions.

Respect: This is recognizing and valuing the dignity, rights and beliefs of others as a basis for peaceful coexistence.

Service Vocation This means striving to help with a process, to fulfill a need, demand or request, or meeting someone's expectations, so that both those who give and those who receive can feel gratified.

Solidarity: Acting selflessly in helping another, through unconditional support, to achieve one's goals and ensure everyone's wellbeing.

Tolerance: Accepting and understanding ethnic, cultural, social and religious diversity by recognizing individuality and differences. Accepting others as they are.
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